Mira is a very talented actress, who will definitely star in the next High School Musical movie. While not performing in plays around Calgary, she keeps herself busy with some of her favourite pastimes – eating (pizza mostly), watching stupid movies (also “good” movies too cause she’s kind of a snob), hanging out with the boyfriend she finally has, and playing with her guinea pigs. She lived in New York for two years which was neat for no other reason than her best friend Joanna got to visit. She’s a world champion burper, has fiery red hair and a sassy personality to match, and is annoyingly good at singing. She better get famous soon because then we can all ride her coattails to the stardom we deserve.





By day, an ambitious writer with a love of the colour “mint green”. By night, a consumer of gluten free products and Netflix. Joanna is literally a life saver who has saved three lives in total. (Okay, it was only Mira’s life, but she saved it three times.) With the glowing face of an angel and the stomach of a beluga whale, she managed to capture the heart of a slightly handsome dude named Andrew who has the great privelege of wedding her. Universally loved and intimidating to everyone she meets, she seems to be decently okay at anything she tries to accomplish. But don’t let that fool you, she has many talents and one of them will probably lead to her eventual and inevitable fame.