K, you know the drill.


  1. No peeking
  2. Don’t stab the other person in the eye
  3. Do your very best

As notable renowned fashionistas, we are both very confidant in our makeup application skills. Too confidant. You could say that we could do it with our eyes closed.

Well, as our burning skin can attest to you, we can’t. And the following is how we found out.

Once again, Mira is an outfit repeater. She is wearing the same outfit today as we write this (one month later) as she is in the videos below. This is not the first time this has happened. Joanna never repeats her outfits. We know who would be friends with Kate Sanders in this situation, and if anyone doesn’t get that, feel free to exit our blog.

At first, we did our make up as if we were heading out for a night on the town – red lipstick was an absolute must.

Look at our FACES.

We then took to the first round of makeup wipes. Thrilled to be starting a new terrible adventure, we didn’t mind the slightly uncomfortable feeling of scrubbing the perfect make up off our faces.


Just Mira here. Joanna went into the kitchen to get water because we just ate a lot of snacks in a very short period of time.

Being blindfolded made me question everything I’ve ever known, specifically the landscape of Joanna’s face which suddenly seemed both larger and smaller at the same time. It also made me speak very quietly, which I think was because I was so unsure of myself.

What do I do in times of self doubt? OVERCOMPENSATE. I then turned the entire fiasco into a “makeup beauty tutorial” that you would find on YouTube from someone who knew what they were doing. This helped me get into the character of someone competent but I think truly made matters worse.

I’m not proud that another coping mechanism of mine was lashing out at Joanna and taking out the stress of my situation on her. “Don’t tell me to stop when I know what’s best for you!”

Take a look for yourselves in the video below and before you get all snotty and tell us, “You should’ve angled the camera lower!’ We KNOW, okay, we know. We failed.



Not only does Mira suck at makeup, she is a terrible photographer



Alright, now it’s my turn. Hold on a moment while I post to Instagram.

Okay I’m back. Follow me on instagram. Or us. Follow US @ihvterribleidea

What should I even say about my experience? First off, I like my sight. It was disturbing to not only try to feel out the contours of my best friends face, “Your face doesn’t feel the same on both sides!”, but to also do so without any vision, “I feel drunk because I don’t have eyes,”. Ironically, I found her features so quickly. I am so good at everything I do.

I think my main issue was that as quickly as my sight disappeared, so did my motor reflexes and I kept dropping everything, and by everything I mean Mira’s expensive make up. My confidence served me well for the most part until I got arrogant and screwed up her eyeballs. I let the beginners luck take me through all the stages until her eyeliner. Like Icarus, I flew too close to the sun.

But I still did way better than she did.


Splotchy the clown


This seems unfair…





It’s only fair to give everyone another chance to succeed, especially considering the first rounds were so obviously won by one person……

Doing our own makeup without the use of a mirror, or vision of any kind, was MUCH easier. Although we didn’t end up having a speed competition because we were worried it would make us silly, there was a clear speed winner (Joanna again!). You will see below how she blew Mira out of the water. This was mostly due to the fact that Mira was overcompensating again.
*See eyebrows


Notable moments:

Joanna’s confidence was thoroughly shattered

Mira tried to conceal what she thought was a blemish but was her eyebrow

Mira also tried to turn her blonde eyebrows black

See for yourselves!



What have we learned:

After finishing this exercise, it is clear that we both approached it the way we would any situation in life.

Joanna gets way too overconfident, and when it becomes too hard her self esteem shatters irrevocably and she completely falls apart (see: dropping everything, general mind state at the end of both videos).

Mira can’t handle anything so she goes way overboard and compensates to the extreme, and messes everything up in the process.

Oh and Mira’s super hunched over. That girl needs a chiropractor.

All in all, we would say that we are delightful.

Notable quotes:

That felt like eyelashes! – Mira
That was my eyebrow. – Joanna

I’M IN IT – Joanna referencing the eyeliner

I’d rather go in the mouth than out of it – Joanna doing Mira’s lipstick

Are you a powder everywhere person? – Joanna
I’m whatever you want me to be – Mira

Join us next time! We look forward to seeing your opinions in the polls!


XOXO Gossip Girl

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